Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Carnival and Kimono series' ~

Angelic Pretty has a new Carnival print up and pffff that pink skirt is to die for!

I'm not ashamed to admit that yes, yes I would buy this print in pink. I don't know, that pink, black and hot pink combination is just screaming 'buy me'. >X D

Meanwhile Meta is doing something a little ... strange in my opinion with their Kimono series ...

I chose the dress that looked the most normal to post here, it IS kind of cute but seriously, the other ones look weird. The colors are weird and the style is weird. To me at least. But, I'm not going to rush to buy anything of this print - at least not from the items shown so far anyway. >X D

Monday, November 22, 2010

Draculaura, a lolitas best friend?

The first time I saw a commercial for the Monster High dolls I fell in love. I love the entire idea of the series but my favorite character is by far Draculaura. She's everything I love in a girl from her cute, sweet innocence to her fabulously chic' take on a goth outfit and right down to her pigtails and hot pink highlights. As far as I'm concerned, Draculaura IS me. I'm a vegetarian, she's a Vegan. She loves fashion, I love fashion. She likes pink, I like pink. She likes creative writing, I like creative writing. She has a pet bat named Count Fabulous whom she dresses in a pink and white sweater with a big pink bow on his head. I have a dog named Thor who, when he was a puppy, I dressed him in cute little sweaters and even to this day like putting bows in his hair.

Where am I going with this!?

Forget those Dollfire dolls. They don't have anything on Draculaura. I want to make little lolita clothes for her (yes, I do own the doll) and maybe even carry her around with me. I think it would be sooo cute to twin with her which is fitting because my hair is naturally black so all I'm missing is the pink highlights. >X D Obviously her looks isn't well suited for a classic style of lolita but she's going to look too cute in sweet and gothic and maybe even fairy-kei! When I do make some clothes for her, I'll be sure to take pictures and show everyone! : D

Ps, Draculara PWNs all the other Monster High characters. Just saying.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vanilla Neko series.

Angelic Pretty has a new print series up on their Japanese site! : D Its called Vanilla Neko and omg how cute!!

I actually really like the collared JSK, it is TOO cute! My goodness, if Twinkle Journey is sold out by the time Christmas comes I may just have to buy this ... then again, I do kind of want a Lucky Pack ... ack. Choices choices.

Speaking of Lucky Packs, I was originally thinking that if I did decide to get one I'd focus first on Meta and then if there were still some available for, say, AP and Baby, and if I still had enough money I'd buy one from them too. But now I'm a little scared of getting one from Meta since they're sales section is full of this horrible stripes series not to mention the military outfit thats causing such a big stir. I'd hate to get either piece in my Lucky Pack ... I really would. And I'm not sure if I even want to risk it. ._.

Friday, November 19, 2010

First follower! Whooo!!

In celebration of my first follower for this blog (thanks so much Disco Boots! ; D ) I decided to make another post today.

In an earlier entry I posted a picture of two girls in a very cute room and admitted that it was pretty much my dream room. Well, I found another picture of the room, minus the girls and at a different angle! : D

Too cute, am I right? Now I have a picture of pffff the best lolita wardrobe picture ever ~

Kyaaa, I'd love to have even half of this!! Heres what (my bed at least) looks like right now.

Red Riding Hood

This morning when I went to check my email in Yahoo, a certain headline caught my attention and I curiously clicked the link. The thing that drew my eye was the picture and I thought 'oh wow, what are they doing with Little Red Riding Hood?' but then I read the title and my exact thought was '... oh good lord, they're bastardizing it!'. I'll be the first to admit I hate Twilight and everything about it. I read the first one either my 8th grade or freshman year because my friend was like 'this is the best vampire book ever!11' so I borrowed it ... and had to force myself to finish it. I kept thinking oh, it'll get better, but it didn't. Worst book I've ever read. And I honestly forgot about it and about 2 years later the sudden popularity confused me, I thought whatever this is must be pretty cool but then I realized it was the same book I'd read before ... and ever since then I've had undeniable disdain towards anyone who likes the series. Like, honestly. Theres no reason to like it at all. The story sucks period, the characters suck and all the actors except Taylor Lautner(?) suck. Yes yes, I will admit I find Taylor to be quite attractive but lets face it. He was the only actor who wasn't a whiny bitch.

And I had a crippling fear that they were going to do this to Little Red Riding Hood.

I read the article all the way through before watching the trailer and honestly the author had me fearing the utmost worst thing possible. But then I watched it and honestly ... I think whoever wrote that article was smoking crack. ._.; The trailer had no Twilight feel to it at all - I honestly think he or she just saw the big caption of 'the director of TWILIGHT' and jumped to a conclusion about what kind of movie this was going to be because I got a distinctly more ... mature feeling.

Twilight is all about the teen ANGST to the tenth power but this seems like its going to sincerely be a mystery/suspense, borderline horror film with a love triangle thrown in for good measure. And honestly, I applaud Leonardo DiCaprio for thinking up this idea. I really do think this is a grand idea and I just might dish out the cash to go see this when it comes out.

"Wouldn’t it be cool to do a Gothic twist on Red Riding Hood, with the wolf being a werewolf, and just have a cool, sexy romantic thriller?"

Yes, Leo, yes it would be cool. I'm not going to assume that just because the director in question worked on Twilight its going to be terrible, it seems to have the right idea so far judging by the trailer, so I'm willing to give it a shot but dear god I hope not EVERYONE is like the author of the article and assuming right away that because she worked on Twilight this is going to be anything like Twilight. I also sincerely hope its nothing like Twilight. Though I wouldn't complain if Taylor was in this movie ... with his sexy long hair ... mmmmm. *melts*

Original article and trailer here!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My interest in fairy-kei

As I mentioned in a previous entry, I can be quoted as once jokingly saying that I would like fairy-kei to be my casual style when I'm just not quite feeling up to lolita. The more I think about it and the more I look at the fairy-kei style, the less I think of it as a joke. Just like lolita, I've been attracted to this style since I first set eyes on it and it seems to be a fairly new fashion phenomena in the streets of Japan anyway so I don't think I'm super late getting on this bus. >X D The thing with this style that really appeals to me is how cute and whimsical and spunky it is. I will totally admit I have a weakness for neon colors, something I can't indulge in with lolita, but it also allows for someone of my body type to have a bit more options. I'm very curvy, my waist is small enough for brand but my hips are most certainly not. >X D To put on a lot of skirts, especially ones that don't have elastic in them, I think I'd probably have to put them on over my head but with fairy-kei theres the option of brightly colored pants/shorts (its almost incentive to go out and buy a pair of neon pink skinny jeans) and tights plus the tutu skirts tend to have elastic by the looks of it.

I really do see it as a casual style, it doesn't have the pomp and rules of lolita which I'm sure sometimes can get a little overbearing for everyone. Sometimes you just want to throw on you're neon blue My Little Pony shirt with a rainbow colored tulle tutu and prance around. >X D Seriously.

Styler overview:

Lets wear our bloomers on the outside!!

It incorporates style and colors from the 80's and nearly 90's. I think the biggest thing that sets it apart from, say, scene kids who also like to use brightly colored items with vintage characters like My Little Pony and even Hello Kitty is the way the style is pulled off. Scene style has a rougher, grungier look to the sweet, cuteness whereas fairy-kei is just point blank sweet and cute. It doesn't want to have that edge of alternative style to it, it just wants to be flighty and have fun. Will people be able to tell the difference between me and a scene kid without me explaining the difference? Probably not and honestly my layered hair probably won't help that much BUT thats ok. Scene girls in particular have some really nice style. ; D

Colors tend to be neon paired with pastels. Of course, there are options to go either all neon or all pastel and still be fairy-kei but I kind of like the opposing boldness of putting the two together. An example would be putting neon pink polkadotted shirt with a pastel blue poofy skirt. How cute would that be!? In that same vein, colors can be as limited or as abundant as you want in an outfit! Lolita tends to be fairly toned down, keeping it to two maybe three color motifs in an outfit before going into a decora style but with fairy-kei, the more color, the better. And thats the way I like it.

What can go into a fairy-kei outfit seems pretty open for interpretation. If its cute, brightly colored or has a vintage character, slap it on in there! You can wear flats, boots, sneakers and even ballet slippers if you wanted. Cute big bows are a must, as far as I'm concerned! I have a picture in my mind of a loose fitting, lilac sweatshirt with a big Hello Kitty patch sewn on the chest with maybe a cute ribbon patch on the other side or on the pocket, a big floppy yellow bow with purple polkadots, a rainbow tulle tutu, neon pink tights with yellow polkadots and my ultra cool knee high Converse boots. *___* I ... would really look like I just stepped out of the 80's. >X D

My favorite part of the makeup style for fairy-kei is having an otherwise natural looking face then loud, brightly colored eyeshadow, sometimes even with sparkles mixed in. I think it looks so cute and lets face it. Loud eyeshadow gets me every time.

And potentially the best part about making fairy-kei my casual style? Plenty of sweet lolita items can go into fairy-kei! Especially the jewelry. Its so nice to think that I wouldn't have to buy a new style of jewelry for this like I'll have to between my gothic, sweet and classic lolita looks. >X D

Stores to know!!

Spank!! (I've seen a blog entry where the girl explained that Spank!! is a fashion of its own, its not actually fairy-kei but really. It seems like pretty much everything they have can be used in fairy-kei so I don't think we should mince words. >X D It's a store, not a style of its own, really. That'd be kind of like if I went around calling Meta a style all its own. Its not. Really.)

6%DokiDoki (my personal favorite ~ I really do love these girls, I adore looking at the photo shoots from the recent tours they had in England, Pairs and California. It looks like everyone had a major blast and I truly love everything about what they do)

HotTopic (some of you may not like it but there it is. HT definitely isn't the place to go if you're looking for major lolita wardrobe items, by FAR, but hey. They've got the vintage shirts down pat not to even mention the brightly colored stockings, gloves and all other accessories imaginable. As far as I know though they don't have the right kind of tulle skirts, they only have those kind of gay tutu's - as far as I know. I haven't looked at their site in a while but they might have some!)

Who is this girl I keep posting!? A very cute girl who seems to have the same idea as me! She's into both sweet lolita and fairy-kei! Heres her blog! : D


Now, I do want to say that I know a lot of lolita's are adamantly against showing bloomers, and in this case of lolita style I totally agree. Bloomers are pretty much the equivalent of panties for a lolita, even if you wearing a pair of real panties under the bloomers. However, with fairy-kei, they're not being used as underwear so I really don't see the problem with wearing them out in full view. In fact, I think its very cute. I think its really just a matter of what you're doing with them. Because yeah. Bloomers are not a costume item in this sense, they are actually part of a wardrobe. If you wear them as a type of underwear, don't flash them. You're not a can can dancer. However, if you're wearing them as a type of shorts then its all good. : )

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Age meme ~

The Two me's.

I'm currently sick and bedridden so I have nothing else better to do then yoink memes from other peoples blogs. >X D So, heres the post that inspired me to make my own where you can see the original meme picture which she was nice enough to break into pieces for easier viewing.


In the spirit of this meme, heres a basic rundown of my own transformation from larva to beautiful butterfly. * U *

Nerdy Tomboy Phase (for me, it went from as long as I can remember until 8th grade so ... I was in this phase for a pretty long damn time. >X D )

When I was little I sincerely wanted to be a boy and I did things that sometimes made even boys cringe. But then again, I went to a Christian school from kindergarten to fourth grade so the boys there were pretty much all pussies so. : / I mean things like picking up worms and whatnot. The only thing I was scared of was, and still is, spiders. I had absolutely zero interest in girl activities and was much more interested in watching or reading animal documentaries and learning about nature. I didn't care what I wore or how I looked and in fact I tended to look down on girls for being concerned about such things. Which was ironic, given my favorite color was pink the color OF girly girls. Such a confused child I was.

Preteen Emo Phase (uh let me think ... I'm pretty sure my 8th grade year was in 2005 so I was 15 when I made the transition to this phase)

When I learned we were moving and I would be going to a new school, I subconsciously decided that I was going to remake myself. I went through my life with no steadfast friends and I'd gone to a school that was 90% black from 4th grade to 7th and no matter what I did they never accepted me so I already knew I didn't want to be in a ghetto group at my new school. I ended up deciding to go for a punk/goth look. I wore a red plaid skirt, a black fitted tshirt and calf high black boots with studded belts on them for the first day of school. I was immediately accepted into that schools alternative group. To say I was taken aback was an understatement, I'd never had so many people talking to me, let alone showing interest in me and wanting to be my friend. In some ways, it was kind of imprinted on me that to have friends I have to dress this way and I ended up being very gothic chic throughout my high school career. Honestly, I only had a few problems with my mom not letting my wear what I wanted to because at heart I'm a shy person so tiny mini skirts and the like didn't really interest me a whole lot any way. What I had a problem with was her not letting me hang out with my friends outside of school. : /

Pretentious Hipster Phase

Honestly, I've never been in this phase. The author of Doomicorn mentioned for this one that she hid the fact she liked mainstream bands like My Chemical Romance, which I also did but it was so my newly made friends would continue to like me. The main group I hung out with was made up of older boys and girls who I met in high school and they were a little uppity. "Oh you like Green Day? You suck ..." or "Ew, Evanescence. I can't talk to you". I did this while still in the goth/emo/punk phase, I haven't had a point where I tried to pointedly make myself a unique snowflake by being against mainstream things.

I Don't Care Phase (age 18 1/2 to now)

Though its not something I'm proud of, halfway through my senior year I stopped going to school because thanks to a math class (math is my arch nemesis, grr) I wasn't going to be able to graduate and it sincerely hurt to know all my friends were graduating and seeing them happy and excited and doing things only graduating seniors could do really got to me. I was severely depressed and it became easier to just not go then try and pretend to be ok and excited for them when I was really dying inside with angst. >X D Not long after I stopped going, I started to stop caring about dressing a certain way because I was finding myself wanting to wear bright colors and I was developing quite the obsession with Hello Kitty. In a way I was glad that I didn't have to worry about pleasing anyone else but me and could explore this part of me. I'm currently going to school again to get my diploma which I should hopefully have in January! : D And I don't care about pleasing anyone when I get dressed in the morning. Maybe its because theres no one there who I really WANT to impress but I don't want to deny the part of me that does kind of like girly things anymore so I hope I don't fall under pressure when there IS someone I want to impress. >X D

I want to dress however I want, not how I think I should. Sometimes I want to wear bright clothes and sometimes I want to wear dark clothes. The styles of lolita I want to wear are sweet, gothic and classic because yes. All of these things are me. And I'm actually very interested in fairy kei, I jokingly said that I'd want fairy kei to be my casual look but now I can't get that possibility out of my head so ... we'll see!

And yes, this is pretty much my dream room. >X D