Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vanilla Neko series.

Angelic Pretty has a new print series up on their Japanese site! : D Its called Vanilla Neko and omg how cute!!

I actually really like the collared JSK, it is TOO cute! My goodness, if Twinkle Journey is sold out by the time Christmas comes I may just have to buy this ... then again, I do kind of want a Lucky Pack ... ack. Choices choices.

Speaking of Lucky Packs, I was originally thinking that if I did decide to get one I'd focus first on Meta and then if there were still some available for, say, AP and Baby, and if I still had enough money I'd buy one from them too. But now I'm a little scared of getting one from Meta since they're sales section is full of this horrible stripes series not to mention the military outfit thats causing such a big stir. I'd hate to get either piece in my Lucky Pack ... I really would. And I'm not sure if I even want to risk it. ._.


  1. I don't like cats. That's more to do with me being allergic, though.

  2. I love cats! My mom is allergic too so I can't have any. : (

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  4. I know this print gets a lot of slack for not being typical Angelic Pretty, but I love it. it's very sweet in an understated way. I'm wanting to buy a lucky pack too in SF, and I can't decide from BTSSB or Angelic Pretty. Following. :)