Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Carnival and Kimono series' ~

Angelic Pretty has a new Carnival print up and pffff that pink skirt is to die for!

I'm not ashamed to admit that yes, yes I would buy this print in pink. I don't know, that pink, black and hot pink combination is just screaming 'buy me'. >X D

Meanwhile Meta is doing something a little ... strange in my opinion with their Kimono series ...

I chose the dress that looked the most normal to post here, it IS kind of cute but seriously, the other ones look weird. The colors are weird and the style is weird. To me at least. But, I'm not going to rush to buy anything of this print - at least not from the items shown so far anyway. >X D


  1. So in love with the JSK pictured! The design is very balanced.

  2. I'm not a fan of Meta's kimono print release... but the AP print definitely wins me over, especially in blue. I love the bold, flat colours.

  3. I love the Kimono Print JSK!! I want it soo bad!! As well as another dress that meta is supposed to release soon. Personally I think Angelic Pretty's latest prints: Holy Night, Merry Making Party, Candy Treat and this Carnvial Print are just bland and yuck.

  4. The kimono dress you've shown and the blue one seem really nice, but the brightly coloured ones do seem kind of off.
    Angelic pretty are appealing more and more to me with almost everything they release =o