Friday, November 19, 2010

Red Riding Hood

This morning when I went to check my email in Yahoo, a certain headline caught my attention and I curiously clicked the link. The thing that drew my eye was the picture and I thought 'oh wow, what are they doing with Little Red Riding Hood?' but then I read the title and my exact thought was '... oh good lord, they're bastardizing it!'. I'll be the first to admit I hate Twilight and everything about it. I read the first one either my 8th grade or freshman year because my friend was like 'this is the best vampire book ever!11' so I borrowed it ... and had to force myself to finish it. I kept thinking oh, it'll get better, but it didn't. Worst book I've ever read. And I honestly forgot about it and about 2 years later the sudden popularity confused me, I thought whatever this is must be pretty cool but then I realized it was the same book I'd read before ... and ever since then I've had undeniable disdain towards anyone who likes the series. Like, honestly. Theres no reason to like it at all. The story sucks period, the characters suck and all the actors except Taylor Lautner(?) suck. Yes yes, I will admit I find Taylor to be quite attractive but lets face it. He was the only actor who wasn't a whiny bitch.

And I had a crippling fear that they were going to do this to Little Red Riding Hood.

I read the article all the way through before watching the trailer and honestly the author had me fearing the utmost worst thing possible. But then I watched it and honestly ... I think whoever wrote that article was smoking crack. ._.; The trailer had no Twilight feel to it at all - I honestly think he or she just saw the big caption of 'the director of TWILIGHT' and jumped to a conclusion about what kind of movie this was going to be because I got a distinctly more ... mature feeling.

Twilight is all about the teen ANGST to the tenth power but this seems like its going to sincerely be a mystery/suspense, borderline horror film with a love triangle thrown in for good measure. And honestly, I applaud Leonardo DiCaprio for thinking up this idea. I really do think this is a grand idea and I just might dish out the cash to go see this when it comes out.

"Wouldn’t it be cool to do a Gothic twist on Red Riding Hood, with the wolf being a werewolf, and just have a cool, sexy romantic thriller?"

Yes, Leo, yes it would be cool. I'm not going to assume that just because the director in question worked on Twilight its going to be terrible, it seems to have the right idea so far judging by the trailer, so I'm willing to give it a shot but dear god I hope not EVERYONE is like the author of the article and assuming right away that because she worked on Twilight this is going to be anything like Twilight. I also sincerely hope its nothing like Twilight. Though I wouldn't complain if Taylor was in this movie ... with his sexy long hair ... mmmmm. *melts*

Original article and trailer here!


  1. I don't see why anyone would think any twilight actor is good or attractive. I remember reading the first book when I had tonsilitus and being a thirteen year old girl liked (but not loved) it. I didn't read any books after that, but I started to hate it mostly because of the reason everyone loves it which annoyed me. I tried to read the second book but I couldn't get through the second paragraph...

  2. Hey! Taylor is hot! He just had the misfortune of being casted in a terrible movie series, thats all. >X D I mean, he's not as hot as some of the fans make him out to be (I thought he was 100% hotter with longer hair) but he is pretty attractive. I dunno'. I'd do him. >X D

  3. Yes he was 1000000% better looking with long hair and when he was less of a beefcake. Oh well, he is always Sharkboy. Speaking of Sharkboy I didn't even remember that movie from the first time I watched it until someone mentioned he was in it.