Friday, November 19, 2010

First follower! Whooo!!

In celebration of my first follower for this blog (thanks so much Disco Boots! ; D ) I decided to make another post today.

In an earlier entry I posted a picture of two girls in a very cute room and admitted that it was pretty much my dream room. Well, I found another picture of the room, minus the girls and at a different angle! : D

Too cute, am I right? Now I have a picture of pffff the best lolita wardrobe picture ever ~

Kyaaa, I'd love to have even half of this!! Heres what (my bed at least) looks like right now.


  1. No problem haha! That room is soo awesome IWANTZITSNOW!! But I like waaay too many things to fit into one room/aesthetics that work well. So I would have to have a tonne of dream bedrooms.

    I guess that is a nice wardrobe but I don't like it so much. Even though I haven't started to wear lolita (only a skirt!) I have listed all the things I would like in my dream wardrobe, which although it has a few prints/dream dresses and such, most of the list is comprised of accessories I want, fabrics/cuts/patterns I like and the way I would wear it together.


    P.S I am very happy to be a first follower of something! hehee.

  2. It's like we were separated at birth! lol~ I also have a very large collection of hello kitty and want that wardrobe for my veryy own! O;u;O