Monday, November 22, 2010

Draculaura, a lolitas best friend?

The first time I saw a commercial for the Monster High dolls I fell in love. I love the entire idea of the series but my favorite character is by far Draculaura. She's everything I love in a girl from her cute, sweet innocence to her fabulously chic' take on a goth outfit and right down to her pigtails and hot pink highlights. As far as I'm concerned, Draculaura IS me. I'm a vegetarian, she's a Vegan. She loves fashion, I love fashion. She likes pink, I like pink. She likes creative writing, I like creative writing. She has a pet bat named Count Fabulous whom she dresses in a pink and white sweater with a big pink bow on his head. I have a dog named Thor who, when he was a puppy, I dressed him in cute little sweaters and even to this day like putting bows in his hair.

Where am I going with this!?

Forget those Dollfire dolls. They don't have anything on Draculaura. I want to make little lolita clothes for her (yes, I do own the doll) and maybe even carry her around with me. I think it would be sooo cute to twin with her which is fitting because my hair is naturally black so all I'm missing is the pink highlights. >X D Obviously her looks isn't well suited for a classic style of lolita but she's going to look too cute in sweet and gothic and maybe even fairy-kei! When I do make some clothes for her, I'll be sure to take pictures and show everyone! : D

Ps, Draculara PWNs all the other Monster High characters. Just saying.


  1. LOL I like her too! Hopefully I can get her for Christmas or something.

  2. I hope you can get her! : D She's really brightened up my room, I love looking at her and I'm already going crazy thinking about all the cute lolita clothes I can make for her.

  3. I remember my obsession with her that occurred this October! XD I felt like I brought her up in random conversations, watched all the monster high videos and her in then and kept her as my computer background well into November~ I'm glad to see a fellow lolita noticed her charm too! <3